Discover our Gluten Free Range

Discover our Gluten Free Range

At Nogogo, we’re big proponents of a healthy balanced diet and know that everyone’s body and dietary needs are different. With access to information at our fingertips, we have a better understanding of people who struggle with health issues such as gluten sensitivity to lactose intolerance and beyond that need products to suit their lifestyle.

With this knowledge in hand, many “free from” products and healthy alternatives such as gluten free hong kong, fat free, sugar free, meat free, etc have became more readily available and accessible on grocery aisle shelves around the world in recent years.

We are proud of our expansion of Gluten Free products for YOU.




Whether you want to start your morning with cereal or pancakes, we’ve got gluten free options available!


Our Selection

Orgran Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake Mix 375g
¥ 47.00 Now ¥45.00

Orgran Sugar Free Acai & Coconut Cereal 200g
¥ 48.00

Brookfarm Gluten Free Macadamia and Cranberry Muesli 50g
¥ 22.00

Blue Diamond Sugar Free Almond Drink 950ml
¥ 31.00

Jooma Blueberry Almond-Based Yogurt 120g
¥ 13.00




We have gluten free flour, alternative sugars like Stevia and Monk-Erythritol, the baking possibilities are endless!


Our Selection

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix 453g
¥ 58.00

Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Frosting Milk Chocolate 453g
¥ 43.00

Stevia Low Calorie Sweetener 150g
¥ 31.00

Monk Fruit Sweetener Sticks blended with Erythritol x40




From pasta to polenta and rice, enjoy a full variety of delicious grains without gluten!


Our Selection

Barilla Spaghetti 400g

Orgran Rice & Corn Mini Lasagne Sheets 200g
¥ 45.00

Gluten Free Organic Red Rice Pasta 225g
¥ 27.00

Polenta Valsugana, Instant Polenta 375g
¥ 29.00




Enjoy our wide range of gluten free snacks!


Our Selection

Orgran Apple Pie Cookies 130g
¥ 38.00

Orgran Amaretti Biscotti 150g
¥ 38.00 Now ¥36.00

Orgran Wild Raspberry filled Biscuits 175g

Nairn’s Chocolate & Coconut Biscuits Gluten Free 160g

Nairn’s Blueberry & Raspberry Biscuits Gluten Free 160g
¥ 27.00

Rice Up Brown Rice Chips Chia & Quinoa 60g
¥ 11.00

Burts Hand Cooked Firecracker Lobster Potato Chips 40g
¥ 12.00

Popcorners Sea Salt Chips 142g
¥ 28.00

Walters Hazelnut Nougat 50g
¥ 21.00




For those who enjoy a cold one after work, we’ve got refreshing and delicious gluten free hong kongoptions just for you!


Our Selection

The Foxes Rock Lager 330ml
¥ 26.00

Val de France Organic Sparkling Apple Raspberry Juice 750ml
¥ 88.00

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