Practical Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Practical Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Many brides hope to have golden rules when choosing a wedding dress. Then follow this rule to put themselves in it, saving time and effort, and easily avoiding all kinds of entanglements. I see that there are many online wedding guides of bridal boutique hk. Type, too many suggestions do or don’t, what? Is this really good?

After all, every bride has a different temperament. If a 150cm short bride likes fishtails, can’t she wear it? Wear high heels to 10cm or more, or shoot from a tree, and hang the fish tail down, it seems. So I can’t give you a golden rule on this one. However, I can share with you some tips and some tips for choosing different wedding dresses. Let’s take a look.




The lace brings lightness and fantasy, the fluffy skirt creates a sense of air, the front tightens the lower abdomen, highlights the curves on both sides, the dream is gorgeous, the princess style, very hidden~


Satin Skirt


The satin skirt is introverted and high-quality, with great texture. When you put it on, your temperament can be improved by 8 levels. The bow design on the back adds a touch of cuteness and coquettishness. There is a feeling of standing out in the skirt.


Vintage Stand Collar


The crystal high collar and the semi-perspective design of the shoulders can not only perfectly modify the neck line, but also freshly show the fullness of the clavicle, especially suitable for little fairies with slender necks and outstanding temperament.
Tips: brides with short necks are not recommended to choose this type of stand-up wedding dress, because it feels like poking your face every minute.


Fish Tail


The design of the mermaid wedding dress itself is intended to highlight the S-shaped curve, which is elegant and fashionable, and extremely feminine, especially suitable for tall brides or brides with wide shoulders, wide waist and thin waist. If a shorter bride wants to wear fishtails, you can wear higher heels, and ask your photographer to change the shooting strategy. For example, you can stand on a tree and shoot, and the effect will be very good.
Tips: A good waistline is the basic requirement of a fishtail wedding dress, so if a bride with more fleshy waist is not recommended to choose a fishtail wedding dress.




Brides who are more confident in their back curves can choose a backless wedding gown hong kong, which fully outlines romance and sexiness.
Tips: Pay attention to the matching of underwear. Brides with small breasts can choose chest stickers, and brides with large breasts can choose supportive wedding dresses or strapless bras.


Short Skirt


Short skirts are not so formal, but they are capable and simple, relaxed and lively. The post-95s generation has a high acceptance rate and is very suitable for outdoor or seaside weddings.
Tips: Short skirts have higher requirements for leg shapes, so consider whether they are suitable for you.


A Skirt


The A-line skirt is the most versatile style in wedding dresses, which is basically suitable for people of all shapes and is natural and fresh.
Tips: A-line skirts must be the best choice for brides with thick hips and legs, revealing only the slender upper body, which is lighter and more beautiful.


High Waist


The high-waisted design can play the role of lengthening the line, and has a playful temperament, which is very suitable for small people.


Tube Top


The more classic style, although there is no prominent focus, can perfectly display the beautiful collarbone and fragrant shoulders. The tube top wedding dress always reveals a just right beauty and quiet charm.
Tips: The design of tube top mainly relies on the chest and waist to support the entire wedding gown hong kong, which is not suitable for too thin brides.


V Neck


The V-neck wedding dress can visually narrow the waist and abdomen, show the perfect curve of the chest, and enhance the elegant temperament. It is a very thin wedding dress. No matter which style of wedding dress and V-neck are combined, it seems that the sexy can be brought to the extreme.
Tips: Brides with short or thick necks can choose a V-neck wedding dress, which can effectively stretch the neck line and be more visually coordinated.


One Word Shoulder Collar


The fingertips run across the skinny lines of the collarbone and neck. Coupled with simple wedding accessories for an instant elegant look. The one-word shoulder can well focus the attention on the beautiful face of the bride.
Tips: It is not suitable for brides with wide shoulders, short necks and round chins.


Halterneck Collar


This queen-style collar will make the shoulder arc perfectly exposed, and at the same time, it can also make the upper body visually shorter and the body proportions better.
Tips: very suitable for shoulder width, tall brides.


Puff Sleeves


The design of puff sleeves is simply the gospel of thick-armed brides. It can effectively cover the flesh. It is exquisite and cute, and it has the style of a palace noble.
Tips: The best choice for thick-armed brides.




The chest fold design is simply the gospel of the flat-breasted bride, which makes the curve more obvious and outlines the feminine charm just right.

Well, that’s it for the wedding guide in this issue. What kind of wedding dress is really suitable for you is to try out. When trying on the same style, you only need to try on one piece. Before you go, remember to get a good-looking hairstyle for yourself. Beautiful makeup, put on chest stickers, anyway, I wish everyone can find a wedding gown hong kong that suits you.