You have suffered a loss when you buy a hearing aid

You have suffered a loss when you buy a hearing aid

According to the World Hearing Report released by WHO this year, by 2050, about a quarter of people in the world will suffer from hearing loss, even khiếm thính. On the one hand, hearing problems should not be underestimated. On the other hand, the domestic hearing aid industry is not standardized. Hearing aid fitters do not have a unified working standard, and the hearing aid itself does not have a relatively stable price. Therefore, it often causes some difficulties for everyone to buy hearing aids. This article sorts out the losses that hearing aid users generally suffer when buying hearing aids, and helps everyone avoid them in advance.


01|Buying A Hearing Aid Online To The Elderly?

Mr. He found that chatting with grandma has become more and more strenuous in recent years. He wanted to take his grandma to get a hearing aid, but he was immediately rejected. Grandma felt that she was not working and the back of her ears didn’t matter much. It’s not too late to match a hearing aid.

So Mr. He bought a hearing aid for his grandma online, and wanted to take it home during the festival to see how it works. After putting it on, Grandma He felt that the sound of footsteps and fans had become louder, but she still couldn’t hear her family members.

Stories like this are not uncommon. Many senile hearing loss are first discovered by children. The elderly themselves are not very willing to wear hearing aids, but their children are anxious. Since they can’t take the elderly to the fittings in person, they thought of online shopping “curve to save the country.”

However, most of the traditional online hearing aids are cheap and simple in sound processing technology. They cannot be adjusted according to the individual’s hearing situation. After wearing them, users often experience that the sound becomes louder, but they still can’t hear clearly, which in turn leads to a prejudice against hearing aids. I don’t want to try either.

Therefore, the first way to buy a hearing aid for lightning protection is to go to a professional fitting center or a platform that supports remote fitting professional services to have a trial listening experience, and then purchase it after the effect is satisfied.

02|A Cheap Price Is Good?

Everyone is used to shopping around. However, the price of the domestic hearing aid industry is relatively chaotic. What you think is “cheap” may not be really cheap.

Different from purchasing other products, hearing aids require regular maintenance and adjustment. From purchase to use, professional and reliable services are indispensable. Many users think that they have bought a low-cost hearing aid, and when it breaks down and need repair, they find that the center of buying hearing aids is no longer there, or the results of repeated debugging are not satisfactory, etc. The consumer experience is often greatly reduced.

Therefore, when buying hearing aids, you must consider both the price and professional services, and be wary of fitting shops that have no bottom line and opaque prices.

In addition, there are many brands and models of hearing aids, and many users just distinguish between different brands, but don’t know much about the models. Hearing aids that look no different in appearance are likely to have a few generations of internal chips.

When comparing prices, be sure to pay attention to the product model on the hearing aid body, and avoid buying old hearing aid products of the same brand, which may be repaired without accessories in the future.

03|Not Clear About The Return And Replacement Policy?

It usually takes 1-3 months from wearing a hearing aid to fully adapting it. But in reality, most hearing aid stores cannot provide such a long listening experience.

In the case of insufficient audition, if the wearer is worried that he is not prepared for subsequent adaptation problems (such as regular environmental sounds at home and complex environmental scenes, etc.), or may find that the current hearing aid is not suitable, he wants to return the phone and replace it. Wait, it is necessary to understand the return and replacement policy of hearing aids in advance.

Some hearing centers do not support the return or replacement of hearing aids, or need to pay a high return fee. It is recommended to confirm in advance.

04|Smaller Hearing Aid Is Better?

In terms of the way of wearing, hearing aids are divided into back-of-the-ear devices that hang behind the ears and custom-made devices that are inserted into the ear canal. Compared with BTE machines, custom machines are usually more compact. Custom-made invisible deep ear canal hearing aids are completely invisible even on the side, so many hearing-impaired people will choose custom machines in order to pursue invisible effects.

However, the smaller the size of the hearing aid, the lower the power, which is actually not suitable for users with severe hearing loss. The blind pursuit of invisibility may affect the effectiveness of hearing aids.

For the choice of hearing aid style, try to choose the most suitable hearing aid according to hearing loss and listening effect. The price of customized models and BTE devices of the same series is usually the same, but the appearance is different. It is not that the smaller the better.

05|More Hearing Aid Channels Is Better?

Under normal circumstances, the more channels of hearing aids, the more expensive they are. On the one hand, the more channels, the more independent and refined the splitting and processing of sounds. On the other hand, for users, the more complicated the hearing loss curve is, the more hearing aids with more channels are needed.

However, hearing aids with 12-15 channels can generally meet most hearing needs, and the number of channels should not be a reference for selecting hearing aids. The focus of buying hearing aids is to consider the needs of life and work. The more complex the scenes of daily life, the more hearing aids with better noise reduction and scene processing functions are needed. If the daily environment is simple, there is no need to buy expensive hearing aids, because those complicated The noise reduction function is useless to buy home.